New ideas

When I launched Sew Sassy Creations as a business, I was making t-shirt quilts and very little else. I started making baby blankets, and the youth college and NFL blankets, but the market for that isn’t huge. The infinity scarves have been a hit, but I’ve been at a standstill the past 2 weeks, waiting for my new fabric to arrive. Today, I scoured Pinterest and the Internet for inspiration for new projects. I’m looking for things I can sew, and sell in my etsy shop for $20 or less. I’ve found patterns for other types of scarves, and today I attempted a woven bracelet using jersey knit fabric. Not sure how I feel about it though… Tomorrow I’m going to try a new type of scarf using recycled (or the term may be upcycled) shirts. I’ll post pictures if that turns out decent.


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