Branching out

Happy Monday morning friends! This was a big weekend for Sew Sassy. I opened my Etsy shop, and bought a domain name. We’ll start with Etsy. Have you shopped there? It’s addicting! I spent a small fortune during my pregnancy, buying things for my son. There is something special about buying something homemade, and I love supporting small businesses. I never thought I’d open a shop myself, but I also never thought I’d leave my job to stay home with my son. Facebook was a great way to start my business, but now with the scarves, I needed a better way to organize, and promote my business. My shop went “live” Sunday afternoon, with only 1 item listed. I about fell over when that item was purchased Sunday evening! It’s exciting, and I can’t wait for the fabric I ordered last week to arrive so I can list more.

Now, lets talk about the domain name. I’m not sure if I ever posted the reasoning behind “Sew Sassy”. Sew goes without saying, just a play on words. I went through a variety of adjectives, and names (of course) were taken. Sassy is sort of a play on words too, because its the name of our dog. My husband and I got Sassy while we were in college. This past year, she turned 10. She’s such a great pet, and has adjusted quite well to her new roll as big sister. OK, back on track…. I’ve thought about purchasing for awhile, and thought with the Etsy shop, the time seemed right. I was so proud, that I did it all on my own- buying the domain, setting up the account, and figuring our how to route my blog to the new address.

So, that’s what’s been going on. I’m expecting some fabric to arrive today, but the bulk of it won’t ship until next week. Keep checking back. I was embarrassed when I logged on and saw how long it’s been since I’ve updated. I vow to do better!


We had family pictures taken at the beginning of December and I searched (and searched) for the perfect outfit. Our photos were outside, and I knew I wanted a scarf to accessorize. I bought a couple, but couldn’t figure out how to wear them so that it looked “right,” until I purchased an infinity scarf. I can’t believe I never owned one before. They’re wonderful! Me being me, I examined my new fashion accessory and quickly discovered that I could have made it myself. With Christmas right around the corner, I placed an order for fabric, and decided to make them for all the women in my family. As suspected, they were a hit. Next, I made, and sold them for the girls in my moms group, again- a hit, and so they are now available for order on my site.