The Story of our Move…

Off and on for the past year or two, my husband and I have contemplated moving. He grew up in a home outside of a neighborhood with tons of land, and that’s always been his dream for us. Occasionally on the weekends, we’ll go out for a drive and check out different areas to see if any homes are for sale, but nothing ever felt “right” until this…

I remember the day well. Zac had a rough night and woke up super cranky. He gave up naps around the age of 3, but that day we were desperate. We threw him in the car on a Saturday afternoon and took a drive. After an hour or two, we were almost home (less than 2 miles) when we passed a little yellow ranch, hidden behind trees, that had a for sale sign in the yard. I jotted down the address, and when we got home I looked it up. The pictures were amazing! Because moving wasn’t a new idea for us, we had an agent that we were working with, and I gave her a call to see if we could tour the house.

The next day was Sunday, and we went to see the house in person that afternoon. So many times, you see pictures online and then the houses are crap when you go in person. That wasn’t the case here. We fell instantly in love and knew that THIS is where we were supposed to be. Only problem, our house wasn’t even on the market. The following days were a blur. We made an offer and never heard back, but our awesome agent fought hard for us and after the longest 5 days of our lives, we heard that they accepted our offer.

In the mean time, I was in beast mode, getting our house ready to list. I threw away more bags of trash than I can even count. We rented a storage unit, and everything that we wanted to keep but could live without went in. We had our carpets stretched, the outside of our house pressure washed, new mulch in the flower beds, and the inside was painted by professionals. The best thing I did was hired a maid service to give our house the royal treatment, and then we were ready.

Our house went on the market on Monday, September 14. Tuesday we had several showings. I left the house at lunchtime that day, and we didn’t come home until 8 that night, but it was worth it. That night we got a full price offer. For me, that solidified that this move was the right decision, and at the risk of sounding cheesy, “meant to be.”

The owner of the house we were buying didn’t want to close until the end of November. Amazingly, that date was fine with the people buying our house, so on November 20 we had back-to-back closings, and we officially moved into the new  house on November 23 (three days before Thanksgiving). It’s been a whirlwind since then, but we are seriously loving life in our new home. I can’t wait to share pictures and give a “tour” in the upcoming weeks.

Pete the Cat Birthday

My little buddy turned 3 this week. People tell you that kids grow up fast, but I never believed that till I had my own. The days can be long, but the years are short… For this 3rd birthday, we went with a Pete the Cat theme. If you have small children, you’ve probably heard of Pete. If you haven’t, you need to check the books out of your local library. They are fantastic. My son has a Pete doll that goes with him everywhere.

I feel like I’ve made Zac several shirts over the past few months so I wanted to do something a little different for this one. I love the blue sleeves on the baseball tee, and decided to put his name and the number 3 on the back to play on that theme.

I also made a garden flag using the same Pete appliqué.



For activities we played “pin the button on Pete” and the kids decorated sugar cookie shirts with M&M buttons.




Decorations were simple. I used scrapbook paper to make bunting for the mantle and put some books up there too. I never got a picture of the food, or the cake pops that I slaved over. The kids had cupcakes. Zac had a fantastic time and I’m so thankful for our friends and family who came to celebrate with him!





Fall Recap, through the eyes of Zac’s wardrobe

I solemnly swear that my new year’s resolution is to be a better blogger. Until then, here’s a recap of the fall through the eyes of my almost 3-year-old. The best thing about sewing and embroidering is being able to make stuff for him. I know that as he gets older, he won’t want holiday shirts, but until then, game on!!

Football is everything in our house, and Zac outgrew his UGA shirts from last year, so I took it upon myself to make him one.IMG_0688-0.JPG

Next up was the month of October. Zac’s preschool had a pumpkin patch day where they had games, a bouncy house, and even their own patch of pumpkins for the kids to pick from. He had loads of fun and looked cute doing it.IMG_0810.JPGIMG_1353.JPG

Here is the zombie crossing shirt I made him. He wore it the day our family went to the pumpkin patch, which also happened to be the day the new season of the Walking Dead premiered too.IMG_0967.JPGIMG_1601.JPG

Next up was Halloween. Zac loves Pete the Cat, so it kinda seemed like a no brainer for him to dress as Pete for Halloween. I bought an oversized yellow t-shirt that I embroidered 4 groovy buttons on, sewed ears onto a navy blue hoodie, and a tail onto sweat pants. This costume was super comfortable and kept Zac warm too. He loved it so much that he slept in it and then wore it the next day too.IMG_1375.PNGIMG_1873-0.JPGIMG_1958.JPG

Thanksgiving shirt… (Steelers colors for the helmet)IMG_2631.JPGIMG_2648.JPG

I spent way too much time on the next project, especially considering I have a million and one things that I should be doing, but today was pajama day at Zac’s preschool and he NEEDED these… I bought the pattern for the pants from which was much easier than winging it like I have in the past. I bought the baseball tee to embroidery for the top because we have too many regular shirts and I though the colored sleeves were fun. I am doing the same type of shirt (with blue sleeves) for his Pete the Cat birthday shirt.IMG_2786.PNGIMG_2662.JPG


Last but not least is Christmas!!! How did we get here?? I pre-ordered these sets over the summer from Blanks Boutique. I love how they’ve turned out, but I’ll be ready when they’re done. I think I had 12 total to do, and I have 6 left. Here are Zac’s and Belle’s outfits. Can’t wait to get a pic of them together in them.


Pillows, Pillows, Pillows

Making pillows isn’t anything glamorous. They were one of the first things I learned to sew. While pillows are fairly simple, there is always room to mess up. I’m not afraid to admit when I make a mistake, and I majorly goofed on these. I’m not sure if it was not ordering enough fabric, or not measuring carefully before I cut the fabric, but somewhere along the way, I didn’t have enough fabric to make the shams I wanted. No huge deal, I had enough to cover the pillows and that’s really all that matters. I did a simple envelope back and slid in the pillows.

For the throw pillows, I also goofed (I thought the pillows I had were 18″, but they are actually 20″), but thankfully I got the end of the bolt and extra fabric for free! Again, I did an envelope back and slid in the old navy blue throw pillows. Along with the floral rectangle pillow I made last week, I love the look!

Today I went to Lowes and bought furniture nails to go around the headboard, the painting supplies that I forgot last week, and a lamp. I couldn’t find a lampshade that I loved, so I bought one with a shape I loved and I plan to cover the lampshade with leftover fabric from the throw pillows. I promise to take great pictures throughout this project. Covering lampshades is cheap, easy, and a great way to customize them match your rooms.







Worst. Blogger. Ever.

I have said it before. I’m sure I will say it again. I am horrible with blogging, but I spent today revamping my blog and am now energized. Because nobody wants a recap of the last 3 months in one post, I’ll do like I have in the past and write several over the next few weeks recapping what I’ve been up to. Most recently, I’ve had fun using my embroidery machine to make burp clothes. My mom was here for a weekend and we made some for a friend of hers that has a new baby boy. New projects mean an excuse to purchase new fabric for me. I am part of an embroidery group on Facebook that’s served as a great inspiration for projects and a valuable resource for questions with my new craft. Somebody there posted about an the Stitch Stash Diva shop on etsy. OMG, I was in fabric heaven!! I have a small addition to shopping online, but fabric can be difficult because typically you can not order less than 1/2 a yard. In the world of embroidery, that is a lot. This shop let’s you buy fat quarters (1/4 of a yard of fabric), and that is the perfect amount. Fast forward to this week and my order arrived. With my new treasures I created some burp clothes for my cousin who just had a baby. I need to get these listed on etsy. Hopefully that can be a project for this week.

While I had fabric spread across my dining room, my son came in and found a piece of construction truck fabric that he attached himself to. He carried this square of fabric around all weekend, so I decided to sew that into a blankie for him. I love project that don’t cost me any money. The construction fabric was leftover from his birthday shirt, and the orange minky fabric that I backed it with was left over from another project.

Here are a few snap shots!





The Embroidery Machine

What? 2 days in a row!! Get ready readers, because I plan to blog tomorrow too. I’m not sure what exactly pushed me over the edge to bite the bullet and purchase the embroidery machine, but I am kicking myself now I didn’t do it sooner. I remember that it was a Monday and I just decided that I wanted one and had to have it. My friend Jenna did embroidery for me when I had something a customer wanted personalized, so I knew a little about them- especially in regards to hoop size. I knew I wanted one with a 5×7 hoop, and I went from there. For those who don’t know, the hoop is what locks your fabric in place and what you attach to the embroidery machine, so it can work its magic. A 5×7 hoop means that you have a 5 by 7 inch rectangle in which to embroidery a design. Unlike sewing machines, there aren’t a ton of different embroidery machines on the market, making it pretty easy to make a decision once you set your price limit. When my husband got home from work that afternoon, I laid out my plan and explained how this machine would quickly pay for itself. To my amazement, he bought it, and let me place the order.

That’s the history, here’s what happened next. The machine was scheduled to arrive Wednesday. UPS usually is at my house around lunch time. Wouldn’t you know it, that day they didn’t come till 5:30. I seriously spent the entire day peeking out the window, and when the big brown truck finally drove up, I ran to meet the driver. I was able to get the machine unpacked and set up before dinner that night. As soon as my son went to bed, I was ready to attempt my first practice project.

My machine came preloaded with some fonts and designs, but I spent the day before purchasing and downloading some things, and experimenting with two different editing programs on the computer. I was ready, and knew just enough to be dangerous. My first attempt, I hooped my fabric incorrectly, used bobbin thread instead of embroidery thread, and broke 2 needles. The second attempt went much better!

I wish I could say it has been smooth sailing, but it hasn’t. I knew there would be a learning curve involved, but honestly thought that since I knew how to sew, I could pick this embroidery thing up quickly. Overall I have, but there have been some bumps along the way. Like the time I had the machine too close to the wall and the arm bumped and messed up the design. Or, when I thought I could use my husband’s great great grandmother’s Singer sewing desk as a spot to keep the embroidery machine and the shaking caused my thread to fray over and over and over again. Kinda embarrassed it took me an entire day and a half to figure that one out. Seriously, I was one mistake away from throwing the whole thing out the window, but we’ve reached an understanding and are on good terms again.

Once I made nice with the embroidery machine again, I went crazy embroidering things. I put a monogram on our bathroom towels, a throw pillow, and did a scarf for a friend to practice embroidering on jersey knit fabric (that could be it’s own post, but *think* I have that figured out). Perhaps the most fun thing about this machine is the new world of possibilities it opens up with things I can create. I have done a few hooded towels for my son and his friends and plan to add those to the etsy shop in the new year. I’ll blog about them soon. If you’ve made it through this post, thank you!



Puppy love

In March, our beloved dog, and the inspiration behind my business passed away suddenly.
Anybody who’s ever loved and lost a dog knows how hard this is. They’re family, and our home was a little bit quieter and a lot messier (she was a great vacuum, picking up every bit of food my son dropped). There has been a dog shaped hole in my heart since Sassy has been gone, but this week that all changed. Meet Maggie! We rescued her from a local shelter. She is 7 months old, and her breed is anyone’s guess. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a puppy, and Maggie is all puppy. As our vet said, she has some big paws to fill.

Cystic Fibrosis

Cystic Fibrosis is is a genetic disease that affects the lungs and digestive system. Currently, there are approximately 30,000 kids and adults in the US living with CF. One of those kids is Jack. He was born the same day as my son. I “met” Jack’s mom through while we were pregnant. I will get to meet their family this weekend at the Great Strides walk for Cystic Fibrosis, in St. Louis. For the last month, I’ve donated 20% of all Sew Sassy sales to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. The CFF is the world’s leader in the search for a cure. My husband’s cousin lost her life to CF in 2011. I am excited to report that as of today, I’ve raised over $200. That money will go towards research in finding a cure!

Hello again!

So, it’s been awhile. I hate it too. There have been numerous times over the last month that I “write” a blog post in my head, but never seem to find the time to actually sit and type it out. I’ve been incredibly busy, which is awesome, but not an excuse. I’ve said it before, but really mean it this time (or, I hope that I really mean it at least), but I vow to do better. I planned to type this all as one post, but it got too long, so for your sanity, I’m breaking it up.

Scarves have kept me busy. Besides sales, there have been a few- out of the ordinary- exciting developments since I last posted. I sold 2 chevron scarves to a woman named Suzanne- the co-creator of ScoopOTP, a insiders guide to life outside of Atlanta. She found my etsy site through google, saw I was a local small business over, ad Sew Sassy was featured in an article on their website!

New ideas

When I launched Sew Sassy Creations as a business, I was making t-shirt quilts and very little else. I started making baby blankets, and the youth college and NFL blankets, but the market for that isn’t huge. The infinity scarves have been a hit, but I’ve been at a standstill the past 2 weeks, waiting for my new fabric to arrive. Today, I scoured Pinterest and the Internet for inspiration for new projects. I’m looking for things I can sew, and sell in my etsy shop for $20 or less. I’ve found patterns for other types of scarves, and today I attempted a woven bracelet using jersey knit fabric. Not sure how I feel about it though… Tomorrow I’m going to try a new type of scarf using recycled (or the term may be upcycled) shirts. I’ll post pictures if that turns out decent.