Pinterest to the rescue

So, the bracelets were a bust. Easy? Yes. Fashionable? Ummmm, not so much. Yesterday I continued my search for inspiration, packed up little buddy and took a trip to Jo Ann’s, came home and got to work. I pinned these scarves awhile ago. They were pretty easy to make, and the possibilities are endless. This scarf uses two pieces of fabric. What makes it awesome, is that you can use jersey knit fabric or recycled (or up-cycled???!) clothing. This scarf is made from fabric, but I did experiment with some shirts and an old dress, and I’m psyched.


Next, I experimented with adding a punch of color to a regular infinity scarf.

I’m in love! This flower pin (while a bit of a hassle to make) is adorable, and really dresses up the solid scarf. You can completely change the look by swapping the pink for a different color pin. Today, I plan to experiment more with the flowers. I bought some really cool buttons yesterday that I’d like to incorporate as the center of the bloom.

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