The December Darlings

I am so excited about this quilt. It is an adult size blanket, using baby onesies. 32 onesies to be exact, that came from 30 awesome women (plus myself). The story behind this quilt began over 2 years ago…

Social media plays a huge role in our lives. What you may not know is that sites like Baby Center and The Bump serve not only as online resources for new mothers, but as a community of women. There are groups for everything from pregnancy, to motherhood, those struggling to conceive, dealing with a loss, and everything in between.

I found out I was pregnant with my son, March 30, 2011. I was already a member of the Baby Center online community, so I searched for a due date group to join. I had no idea then the impact that decision would have on my life. The group was called “The December Darlings,” and was a private board for women due December 1-10, 2011. People shared every aspect of pregnancy- the good, the bad, and the ugly. We grieved together as some women suffered miscarriages, prayed together as some (myself included) received troubling news, and rejoiced as our babies were born.

As the year drew to a close, our group dwindled. What was once close to 200 women was now 73. Anyone who’s had a newborn knows that sitting down at the computer can be a challenge, so most of us accessed Internet through our phones (especially those up nursing a baby at 2 am). For convenience, we decided to move our group over to Facebook. Not everyone made the move, but for the ones who did, our bond grew stronger.

We’ve supported each other through the loss of parents, miscarriages, deployments, sick children, and spouses with cancer. We’ve celebrated as our babies reached milestones, new pregnancies and the birth of younger siblings, homecomings, and more. Somewhere along the line we started sending gifts, and that’s where the idea for the quilt came to be. How cool would it be to have a blanket made up with something from each of us… I was eager to take on this project, and after weeks of nagging, I got enough onesies to make the quilt.

I’ll spare you the details, and focus on the highlights. What started off as women with one thing in common (motherhood), and over the past 2 years we’ve become great friends. Our group consists of 36 women, spread out over 23 states. We range in age from 22-42. Some of us are first time moms, others have 7 children. Many of us have had the opportunity to meet one another; I’ve been fortunate enough to meet 3 of my fellow darlings (pictures below). As a group, our dream is for all 36 of us to meet with our babies. Anyone out there with the power and funds to make that happen- my contact info is available on the blog.

I think our story is powerful. Support comes in all forms. These women, most of whom I’ve never met, I consider my closest friends. I truly don’t know how I would have made it through the past 2 years without them. In an online arena, there is no shame in asking the kinds of questions new mothers have. In our group, sometimes we jokingly wonder how our ‘real world’ friends get answers to their personal questions.These women are my sounding board for everything, and I’m so so thankful for that decision I made, back in the spring of 2011, to join this group.

If you read through this, thank you! For those here for the quilt, this blanket consists of 32 onesies and 32 flannel squares, each measuring 7″. The teal border is 2.5″ and the snowflake border is 4″. The finished blanket measures 69″ square, and its backed with pale grey anti-pill fleece. We plan to “share” this blanket, sending it to those in need when they need it. I’m hoping nobody “needs” it soon because I’m not ready to part with it.














Shiver me timbers!

A friend saw my superhero capes and came to me with an idea. Her son loves pirates, and he loves capes, so what about a cape with pirate fabric… I loved it. She picked out pirate fabric, and I helped her choose a coordinating print for the back and letter. When I was putting it together, I thought it would look better with a border around the outside. I can’t wait to hear what he thinks. Creating custom pieces is often the inspiration behind what I make and sell in my etsy shop. After seeing the pirate cape, another friend had an idea for a Yo Gabba Gabba cape for her little girl. Can you believe, they actually make a Yo Gabba Gabba superhero fabric?!?! We’re both super excited about it.




Superhero Capes come to etsy!

Let me begin this post by saying I love being a “boy mom”. My son is my world. I absolutely love this new world of planes, trains, trucks, and cars. Anybody who’s ever gone shopping though, knows there is a gap in the market when it comes to handmade and personalized items for little boys. I am hoping that these capes are the first of many things I can create for my son and other little men out there.

When I was searching through mustache monograms (mustache cape), I came across a superhero alphabet monogram. My friend who does all monogramming for Sew Sassy, was kind enough to purchase and download it for me. I am so super excited with the results. These capes are made from two solid colors of jersey knit fabric, and use sewn-in velcro strips to close the cape around the neck. I found a great superhero fabric to use for the letters. The monogrammed initial is backed and framed with felt, and sewn onto the cape.

Timing on this project was perfect. My friend Susan Crutchfield took my son’s 18 month pictures, and we did some shots with his new cape. I am so excited with how these turned out, so please excuse my photo bomb.

Capes are available for order through etsy. Use the promo-code SuperBlog for a 15% discount off your superhero cape order.







Are you ready for some football?

Goodness, it’s been awhile. I’ll keep this post short, because really the pictures speak for themselves. I made this quilt for a friend, as a father’s day gift for her husband. He’s a huge Minnesota Vikings fan. The shirts were a combinations of his and hers, and then new shirts she bought specifically for the blanket. I love the fabric used on the front. I really don’t feel that pictures do it justice. It’s purple with metallic gold polka dots. I’d love to do a quilt like this for myself or family using Pittsburgh Steelers shirts…