Busy busy

Things have been busy, so I’m going to combine these posts. This week, I’ve started & finished a t-shirt quilt and a baby onesie quilt. (Pictures below) The t-shirt quilt was for one of my best friends from high school, using her college sorority t-shirts. She lives and works in my hometown, and I visited her while I was home back in September. I helped her narrow down the shirts to include, and she settled on 20. There was no real deadline for this project, but I was going to be home this weekend, and wanted to have the quilt done to deliver to her. In typical Melissa fashion, I started this week (I am amazing under pressure).

I finished Heather’s blanket Wednesday, and immediately started another project. Erin is a friend of a friend. When I posted a picture of my son’s onesie quilt, she asked if I’d make one for her. She lives out of state, so she had to mail me the outfits to use. I’ve decided that the baby quilts are my new favorite. I think it is a great way to treasure your child’s jammies and outfits, and I hope I have the opportunity to make another one soon.



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